Handling the ‘Big Freeze’ in NYC

Getting off the plane after leaving Europe for the first time, I was met with a cold blast of air like nothing I’d felt before, as temperatures of below -19°C hit New York in February of 2014.

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About me


I am a 20 year old student of politics and Spanish at the University of Bristol. I love travelling, reading, languages, (leftist) politics, cooking, eating pizza and watching films. Read more here.

A German comedy? – Toni Erdmann

Summarising Toni Erdmann in a few lines would be like trying to solve the Enigma Code in under thirty minutes. What is this film truly about? Who is it really about? Well, I’d say that’s subjective. It depends on who you are. A father, whose children have grown up? Or maybe you’re a son or daughter who has moved away from home and never has the time to call anymore. Either way, this film will resonate with whoever is watching.

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